Monthly Archives: February 2013

First Greenhouse Seeding

For the past few years, we have been growing zucchini in the hoophouse in early April so that we can sell them when the Farmers’ Market begins in mid-May. This year, we decided not to grow a large volume of zucchini. Instead, we will grow a variety of crops in the hoophouse for the start up of Market. This past week, we started several crops by seed that will be transplanted into the hoophouse in the following weeks…several varieties of head lettuce, scallions, mini-onions, beets, snap peas, bok choy and nappa cabbage.

We use soil blocks for most of our greenhouse seedings now. Soil blocks are a way to cut down on using plastic trays and lessen the shock for the plants during transplanting. I am enclosing a few photos here to show you just what i am talking about!